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2.1kg Excellent ass of brown skin tone supermodel

2.1kg Excellent ass of brown skin tone supermodel

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Sexy Brown Male Masturbator with Strong Suciton. Is there anyone who doesn't want to penetrate that fat ass? Do not use lubricant or you may lose the pleasure of the strong suction cups (water is enough for lubrication), slowly penetrate inside, feel the virgin sex doll pull you into the deepest uterine opening, and when you pull out, the girl will suck you hard and made it hard for you to leave her!
Unique Vagina and Anal add the suction power, we have 3 lengths of different stimulations in the butt doll vagina, you can feel the tightness when you slowly drill your finger in; For anal likers, 17 circles suck you in and never want to let you out...
Realistic jiggly bag pussy. The goosebumps on her brown butt are an indication of her desire and orgasm time! You can see every detail of this love doll with your eyes, the real details of the vulva.
2.1kg Soft Material Male Sex Toy.The small doll has great elasticity and will not go limp after you rub or squeeze it! Use it in the warm water will add a realistic feel! The maintenance of the male masturbator is simple: use a cleaning stick to clean the canal and store it in the box to extend the usage time.
This sex toy is packaged discreetly and your private information is perfectly protected. If you have any problems or other after-sale service please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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