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3 IN 1 Sucking Vibrating Heated Male Masturbator

3 IN 1 Sucking Vibrating Heated Male Masturbator

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【The most powerful 3 in 1】 Warm suction experience! Creates an exciting and outstanding experience! The strongest 3-in-1 warm vacuum electric masturbation cup, suction + vibration + human skin heat! The combination of these functions is also complete, you can enjoy the fun 3 times!

【4-Frequency Vacuum Sucking】 First-class suction experience! Strong stimulation of the glans, through sucking and vibration, tightens the penis. Press the suction vacuum function to maximize the vacuum function. After the game, you can use this button to experience the best moments. Maximum suction, ultimate rise!
【10 strong vibrations】 Reach orgasm all at once! Wraps comfortably around the penis and glans while you enjoy the desired movement and friction as the vibrations mix inside the body. The 10 vibration modes are strong and weak, complementing adsorption-like vacuum stimulation.
【Experience pre-orgasmic oral sex】 With a warming function that reproduces the feeling of real oral sex! When you insert it, feel the unique cold air and worry, press the power button in the starting state, the red light starts to heat up.
【Ultra Thick ★All Attraction Pleasure】 Soft and supple with superior stretchability. Ultra-thick base, soft and smooth to the touch. Countless points and 360° winding inside. Easy to use, even for beginners


For only 39.99 you can have a sucking + vibrating + human skin warming masturbation cup! This masturbation cup will be a satisfying companion when you want to relax and enjoy an intimate personal space! Its thick, granule-covered inner lining vibrates to precisely stimulate the sensitive glans area as it wraps tightly around your penis, and the 38°C heat is like a gentle blowjob from a young girl, sometimes licking gently and then sucks violently when you're having a stroke, leaving you orgasming instantly and feeling drained but already looking forward to the next round of play!

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