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3 Suction Modes Penis Vacuum Pump 2 IN 1 Automatic Penis Pump

3 Suction Modes Penis Vacuum Pump 2 IN 1 Automatic Penis Pump

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❥ 3 super vacuum modes let you feel the ultimate suction orgasm.

❥ Voyeur-friendly tube with scale drawings to track the progress of your project.

❥ 2 in 1: Electric penis pump and electric suction masturbator, which can make your cock hard within a minute, providing the most intense stimulation.

❥ The vulva mouth with 4 different textures creates an intense deepthroat feeling.

❥ One-touch emptying function ensures smooth and unhindered experiences.

❥ Ultra-soft TPE material ensures incredible realism.


Sustained sex not only improves your sexual performance but also makes it more satisfying for your partner. This masturbation cup is exactly one great Physical enhancement product. The penis enlargement pump uses the Vacuum physics to promote blood circulation and extend ejaculation time. And all you have to do is squeeze every satisfying moment into the tight but stretchy opening through the compact, clear internal texture. You will be pleasantly surprised when you find that in a short time your penis became erect and began to enjoy the comfortable service of this toy. In addition, this unique masturbation cup offers you with 3 classic suction modes and speeds Variety of deep throat sucking and unlimited pleasure . Just enjoy the masturbation and the crazy climaxes it triggers! Its easy-to-clean and mostly waterproof properties allow it to be used safely in more places such as the bathroom. You can't wait to have stimulating and hands-free solo sex already!

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