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5.5KG Love Doll Realistic Masturbator with 3D Vagina and Anal

5.5KG Love Doll Realistic Masturbator with 3D Vagina and Anal

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Absolute private packaging & quality assurance!

♡Big breasts, beautiful nipples, plump and cute

♡Round butt, good hand feeling

♡Vagina and anus, two love openings to choose from

♡Pink labia that simulate a virgin's labia

♡Lifelike details, like the real female body

♡3D lifelike love tunnel, warm and realistic

♡Spine in the body, perfect S-curve

♡Tit sex, anal sex and vaginal sex, exciting experience


She is so sexy and charming. When you see them at first glance, your heart ripples and you can't contain yourself. Her plump breasts and pink nipples make you want to suck. Look down at her perky breasts, from her exquisite abs to her pink pussy lips. Looking at her pink girlish pussy lips will make your libido burn. This beauty can make you experience many different sex positions. Tit sex, missionary, doggy style, the sex positions you learned in porn can all be experienced with her. After a vigorous sprint, your sperm fills her vagina and gradually flows out of her labia. Her pink labia have a crystal shine. This picture will definitely bring you super visual stimulation. Multiple stimulation allows you to enjoy orgasm!

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