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Realistic Masturbator Sexy Isabella 4.2KG FENGRUN

Realistic Masturbator Sexy Isabella 4.2KG FENGRUN

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Absolute private packaging & quality assurance!

♡ The vagina and anus, which can be inserted deeply, are densely covered with nubs, greatly increasing the pleasure of thrusting, meeting your various sexual needs and bringing you the ultimate orgasm.

♡ Unlike other dolls, Isabella has long, white and flawless legs that you can rub between them to satisfy your desire for leg sex.

♡ 1:1 Real body ratio, real sex experience

♡ Plump breasts, round bottom, white legs... You can see her wearing a bikini, swimming trunks, denim shorts, stockings or her own sexy suits to experience different sex scenes.


Isabella is a hot and sexy beauty weighing 4.2 kg. She has a healthy figure without losing quality. Her true figure ratio allows you to wear different clothes for her and experience different sex scenes as if you were there. Bikini beauties on the beach, fitness girls, white collar women at work, petite nurses, etc. as you wish. When you touch her body, plump breasts, sexy collarbones, tight waist and stomach, round butt, smooth and white long legs, all this makes you want to not stop. Breast sex, vaginal sex, anal sex or leg sex, a variety of sexual pleasures are waiting for you to try out and bring you to the peak of your libido. Don't hesitate, take her home, she's been waiting for you for a long time!

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