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S-HANDE 2 IN1 9 vibration 3 suction modes penis pump

S-HANDE 2 IN1 9 vibration 3 suction modes penis pump

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3 powerful suction modes to enlarge and enhance your penis, with effects that last 8-10 hours (varies depending on the person, training duration and intensity).

The suction mode with intense vibration mode allows you to have wonderful masturbation while enlarging and improving your penis.

The scale on the penis pump allows you to monitor your penis enlargement and lengthening.

The penis pump has a transparent love channel with dense nubs. Your penis can experience the most realistic sexual sensations in the flow of love.

We recommend using the penis pump once a day for 15-30 minutes; After using the penis pump, you can attach a cock ring to the base of your penis to keep your penis turgid and maintain an erection. (Note: Do not use the cock ring for longer than 30 minutes as blood circulation may be cut off for too long and your penis may be damaged).


Would you like to have your penis enlarged and lengthened? If you have such a thought, please try our penis pump! The appearance of this penis pump is very exquisite and elegant. In addition to the beautiful appearance, this penis pump also has 3 suction modes. The strong suction power will not only give you the wonderful blowjob experience, but also enable penis enlargement and penis lengthening. The continuous sucking of the penis pump brings you a different kind of feeling. This penis pump ensures both penile enlargement and your best masturbation. Strong vibration of the penis pump stimulates your penis. Dense nubs in the transparent love tunnel massage and rub your penis. All of these feelings will bring you to climax. You can enjoy penis enlargement and orgasm at the same time. Dive into the ocean of orgasm.

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