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3 in 1 erotic for you clitoris & G-spot dual penis vibrators with 12 vibration modes

3 in 1 erotic for you clitoris & G-spot dual penis vibrators with 12 vibration modes

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3 in 1 cock ring vibrator

Multifunctional penis vibrator

1. This is a high quality cock ring. The cock ring is very soft and stretchy and does not deform even after many uses. Both the burr-free workmanship and the pleasant flexibility of the silicone used are really great. Its soft material is also very comfortable for women. The waterproof material makes the penis ring very easy to clean. The superior elasticity of this cock ring can help reduce uncertainty about what diameter you need to achieve a comfortable fit.

2. This is a couples vibrator. This erotic toy can bring pleasure to both parties. The long, soft shaft not only enlarges the man's penis, but also has a vibration function! It not only stimulates the man, but also the woman's inner P&L. At the same time, the fox's head will also vibrate the woman's K. The man will get harder and longer, and the woman will be completely absorbed in this sexual adventure!

3. This is a vibrating egg. You can use this sex toy as foreplay before the official sex act begins. Use the little fox's head and long shaft to stimulate different parts of both partners until the bottom is covered in sticky liquid. Your partner will surely remember this pleasure for a lifetime!

Combined with a condom, this toy fits your penis perfectly. This penis vibrator combines several functions in one and turns one into three. With this little fox, you are no longer limited in your actions by one toy after another when it comes to the cute thing. He will be a strong helper on your path to love!

longer, thicker

Longer, thicker, harder and stronger----You feel good, you feel better

This couples vibrator will improve your performance in every way and make you appear more confident and attractive in front of her. She is dazzled as soon as she goes in and out. With the intense vibrations from two more sensitive points, she will fall for your powerful thrusts and won't be able to leave you alone!

12 mode

More choice, more fun

With 12 modes to choose from, whether you want gentle caresses or rough teasing, whether you want to stay true to the original taste or experience unexpected stimulation, this cock ring has it all.

sexual assistant

Ergonomic design

The long shaft of the massager has a rounded tip that reduces your discomfort and does not cause you pain. The upper part of the shaft is concave to maximize your pleasure and the lower part of the shaft is curved to better fit your shaft and work with you in your preferred position.

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