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3-in-1 multifunctional vibrator penis ring prostate stimulation with 10 vibration modes

3-in-1 multifunctional vibrator penis ring prostate stimulation with 10 vibration modes

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Cock ring

Cock ring sex toy for men couples

  1. Lock out: Cock ring physically reduces sensitivity. Adjustable size for all body types.
  2. Vibrate: Broad spectrum of perineal stimulation. Double motor, independent control.
  3. Plug: Maximum diameter 1.9 cm. Can be used by beginners. Finger-sized for precise stimulation.

sex toys for men

3-in-1 multifunctional vibrator cock ring sex toy

Cock ring

Perineal stimulation

Properly sized anal plug

sex toys for couples

Anal vibrators prostate stimulation men with 10 vibration modes

This erotic toy for men is a cock ring, vibrator and prostate stimulator in one. This sex toy for couples extreme has 10 vibration modes and two powerful vibration motors, a cock ring that attaches to the penis for external vibrations, a vibrating ball at the end that attaches to the cock ring and simultaneously vibrates the perineum, and an anal plug at the end, which creates powerful vibrations deep within the body to precisely stimulate the prostate and provide a back and forth experience.

Cock ring sex toy vibrator died for man

Cock rings Erotic sex toy with multiple functions

This vibrator is not only a cock rings sex toy for men solo, but also a clitoris & G-spot sex toy with vibration for women.

Vibrating sex toys for couples sex. Multifunctional cock ring glans ring sex toys for couples, the design offers flexibility and ease of use in different positions. It is the ideal erotic sex toy for couples extreme sex for your sex life and cock rings sex toy men's cock ring silicone penis extender is perfectly shaped, accommodates every couple and includes people of all shapes, sizes and、

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