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3 in 1 rabbit vibrators with 7 vibration and 7 flutter modes

3 in 1 rabbit vibrators with 7 vibration and 7 flutter modes

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Providing triple internal and external stimulation: 3 functions work independently of each other - three function buttons each control the vibrator head, fluttering tongue and rabbit. So this rabbit vibrator can quickly change the 7 escalating functions of vibration and flutter. Independent controls make it easy to adjust flutter and vibration levels for the perfect combination.

Experience 7 Invigorating Flutter Modes: The central shaft of this vibrator is thoughtfully designed with a tongue-like percussion feature carefully crafted to mimic the sensations of a finger. To take the concept further, a discreet tongue is artfully integrated into the vibrating shaft. With 7 adjustable flutter modes, this sex toy for women offers personalized pleasure that can be adjusted to individual preferences.

Body Safe Silicone and Hollow Design: Made of high quality 100% body safe silicone. This vibe is a work of art with a chrome look at the base and a tonal tip for the luxurious look. The shaft of the vibrator features a well-designed tongue stimulator, the hollow center allows it to flutter easily, ensuring it finds the right spot.
IPX7 Waterproof and Easy to Clean: This silicone vibrator is IPX7 waterproof, so you can take it with you in the bath or shower. After use, the vibrator can be easily and thoroughly cleaned with warm soapy water or a special toy care fluid/foam.

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