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7 rotations 10 vibrations and 360° rotation masturbation cup

7 rotations 10 vibrations and 360° rotation masturbation cup

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⭐ 7 frequency rotation and 10 frequency vibration, masturbation and movement can be switched at any time to meet your needs
⭐ Simulate the shape of Darth Vader's lightsaber, the passion of Star Wars is not only in the lens but also in the hands
⭐ Improved and improved motor, 320 rpm, vortex type rotating vibration, progressive pleasure,
⭐ IPX6 waterproof transparent dust cover for easy cleaning and storage, TPE material is safer


Do or do not. There's no try

2023 Tribute - Darklord rotating masturbation cup
Just to meet your needs. Control your orgasm with one hand! Like a real samurai, bring your own lightsaber to battle
7 kinds of rotation and 10 kinds of vibration functions are specially designed for you, whether you want to masturbate or exercise, you can switch as you like.
Ergonomic channel design with 12cm insertable length and lower waist details to better stimulate your glans.
120 particles are surrounded by layers like waves and the particles are enveloped. Experience deep pleasure accompanied by high-speed vortex vibrations. IPX6 waterproof can be used in the bathroom to experience different passions
May the force be with you.

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