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Automatic masturbator for men with two handles and stretch vibrations with 9 frequencies

Automatic masturbator for men with two handles and stretch vibrations with 9 frequencies

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  • Discover a new orgasmic experience, we are proud to present this remarkable airplane cup that combines multiple innovative designs to bring you unparalleled pleasure!
  • 1.9 Stretching and vibration modes: Whether it's a gentle massage or intense stimulation, you can change it to your heart's content.
  • 2. 4 Types of Granules: 4 different types of granules in the inner lining bring multiple levels of stimulation to meet your diverse desires. From gentle touch to intense stimulation, they are all waiting for you to explore.
  • 3.SIZE PARTICULARS + THREADED MASSAGE GLANDPE: Part of the inner lining is made of size particles to provide a soft wrapping feel. Precisely designed threaded balls work like a professional masseur to bring deep pleasure and full stimulation to your sensitive parts.
  • 4. Continuous Dual Entrance Design: The unique design of this airplane cup can be used continuously, no matter you are tall or short, you can experience unprecedented pleasure through this airplane cup
  • 5. Foldable Handle: The unique foldable handle makes it more convenient to hold, whether you want to operate it with one hand or two hands, it is easy to handle. This design also makes the mug easier to carry and store.


This airplane mug will take you on a journey of unprecedented pleasure. Not only does it have four types of pellet inserts, large and small pellets + threads for massaging the glans, but also a number of compelling features such as a full-length dual input design, folding handle, one-handed/two-handed operation and digital Advertisement. And nothing is more remarkable than its 9 extendable + vibration modes, from progressive peristalsis to individual modes, whether you love gentle friction or strong vibrations, this cup will fulfill your every desire. Whether you are looking for physical relaxation or ultimate stimulation, he will be your perfect companion and take you on an orgasmic journey like never before.

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