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Electric Automatic Masturbators 7 Telescopic Function 7 Vibration Modes

Electric Automatic Masturbators 7 Telescopic Function 7 Vibration Modes

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【New Telescopic Performance&Evolutionary Piston Upgrade】 When it comes to pleasure, vibration masturbators should never be forgotten, even more exciting is the addition of the telescopic function! This masturbator was designed using a new piston principle to be flexible and retractable. From low to high speed, 7 telescopic modes and 7 vibration modes for a total of 49 variations, it's up to you.

【Soft Case Brings a New Experience】 Automatic masturbator has thick, long case made of soft material. When inserted, the full-bodied granules caress you at the entrance and press the soft nubs inside. So when the piston moves, it keeps bumping into the penis and rubbing it. It's not sucking, but a new kind of piston-style oral pleasure.

【To o/rgasm, feel the sublimation of climax】 No one can escape the storm of pleasure and the gasp that leaves the soul! Electric masturbator cup man has the typical one-button rgasm mode. Once a specific button is pressed, orgasm can be entered from any mode, bringing the most intense stimulation to the body.
【Perfect Size and Wrapping Feel】 Most existing masturbators have a slightly shorter insertion length, so they do not provide full stimulation. This masturbator toy is 14 cm long and has an inner sleeve diameter of approximately 8.7 cm. It can wrap your penis 360° from side to bottom, so the contact area is larger, the stimulation is richer.

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