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G Spot Clitoris Nipple Licking Tongue Stimulator Vibrators with 9 modes

G Spot Clitoris Nipple Licking Tongue Stimulator Vibrators with 9 modes

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clitoris stimulator for her


The vibrator can be used solo or with your partner - versatile for foreplay, oral sex and lovemaking. It becomes particularly exciting when you hand over control to your partner and let yourself be surprised at when and how intensely he spoils you. HIVEFUN is simply swiped over a finger. The soft surface glides gently over the skin while the vibrations stimulate versatile external erogenous zones during solo, foreplay or sex.

clitoris stimulator for her

The HIVEFUN Clitoris Tongue Licking Vibrator is one of the most lifelike clitoral stimulation devices on the market today.

HIVEFUN vibrator offers an optimal choice for you to focus on high quality and perfect love for fashion and aesthetic design. The purpose of the HIVEFUN vibrator is to satisfy modern women and your partner by liberating sexual repression and improving sexuality. You can use it as often as accessory jewelry to enjoy sex. It will become an indispensable companion for everyone who deserves the best enjoyment.

dilo cock with vibration for women


2 in 1 design with powerful and quiet motor - This vibrator combines clitoral stimulator and bullet vibrators with shock function.

Regardless, this clitoral stimulation extreme device offers 9 coordinated licking modes and 9 different vibration levels to ensure you get off every time.

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sex machine for women

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HIVEFUN sensual surprises

To sweeten this romantic pre-Christmas season with sensuality and anticipation, HIVEFUN is exactly the right choice. Sexy gifts for two or a sensual solo adventure.

Easy to carry

Our vibrator is comfortable to carry and is the perfect travel size. All products were packaged with a simple box.

USB charging

Easy charging with the USB charging cable. Take sex toy sets for couples to travel anytime, anywhere.

sex toys for women solo

Tongue vibrators are designed to provide a more realistic experience for those who prefer external pleasure to traditional intercourse.

Did you know that some women can't even get off if they don't receive external clitoral stimulation? That means you can pump like a champ and shake your hips like Elvis and she'll still just lay there like nothing happened. This is why vibrating tongue sex toys have become such a popular alternative to traditional oral sex. Not only do they provide consistent, targeted stimulation, but they also have more stamina than any human partner you'll ever meet.

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