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Masturbating for Men Electric Masturbator with 7 suction modes and 7 rotation modes

Masturbating for Men Electric Masturbator with 7 suction modes and 7 rotation modes

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【Unique water bath function masturbating for men】 First of all, the product is IPX7 waterproof, you can use the sex toy completely in the water. And masturbating for men has a water bath function, the cup is filled with water that is less than 40% of its own volume, or the masturbator is completely placed in the water, you can enjoy a perfect water massage. It will give you special treatment that other sex toys can't
【Super Suction Masturbator】 The masturbator comes with a simple super large suction button, so you don't have to worry about the suction power not meeting your needs. There's no better feeling than pressing a button at a critical moment, feeling a strong suction, and then reaching orgasm. The high suction power means you can also use this product as a penis pump. If you exercise every day, you will last longer and harder.

【7 suction modes and 7 rotation modes sex toys for men】 Attention innovation lovers! There is a wonderful secret in this masturbator: compression technology. This means that your best piece, your penis, is stimulated by a seductive pressure that feels like you are having sex and is done with pleasure. You can choose from 7 suction modes and also have 7 rotation modes massage you.

【3D channel and simulated tongue sex toy for men solo】 Simply unpack and the sex game can begin. It fits gently around your best piece of your penis and satisfies you in an unexpected way. Men love it tight. This masturbator pampers your erect penis with cute pleasure channels and offers incomparable stimulation and an exciting interior. There is a simulated tongue design at the end of the canal to simulate real oral sex.

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