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Metal Anal Expander Vaginal Anal Expander Dilator Anal Dilation

Metal Anal Expander Vaginal Anal Expander Dilator Anal Dilation

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  • Insert the anal expander into the anus and then squeeze the rotating rod to expand. Use lubricating oil for easier insertion.
  • Insert the V/aginal Expander into the V/agina and then press the rotating strip to expand it. It is recommended to use lubricating oil for easier insertion.
  • Use with lubricating oil to stimulate the vagina or anus, full of shame, after the initial removal, start to exert the tightening power of the private parts.

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Anal sex, fisting, liquid filling and other games are waiting to be discovered by you.

When using the dilator to the maximum, you can use a flashlight or mobile phone to inspect it.

Rinse before anal sex game, fully prepare for the game, one thing has a dual purpose

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Stainless steel material

The metal anal expander dilator is carefully crafted from selected stainless steel metal material, round and smooth and high quality texture. Safe and hygienic, easy to clean.

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Card slot design, easy to use

  • Rotate the rotary band to adjust the size, easy operation.
  • Use small parts to fix, make the expansion more flexible and not damaged.

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Different games

Anal sex/ V aginal sex/ Fist/ Enema/ Internal exploration/ SM

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