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One Touch Burst Modes Electric Masturbator 7 Telescopic

One Touch Burst Modes Electric Masturbator 7 Telescopic

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7 Telescopic × Vibration Waterproof Male Masturbators - Our electric masturbator for men is equipped with thrust, vibration and one-touch burst modes that combine to train your erection while stimulating the penis. Whether you are a beginner or a man who has been using electric cup masturbators for a long time, please start enjoying this men's sex toy in the lowest mode.
Attractive Appearance & Appropriate Size - The entire body surface of this sex toy for men has an attractive and luxurious yellow appearance, giving you a novel visual impact. Besides, this silicone pocket pussy is reasonably designed, the total length of the automatic masturbator is 9.6 inches, the inner silicone cover is 5.7 inches long and the diameter of the silicone cover is 1.3 inches.
Detachable Design & Soft Silicone - Our realistic masturbators are removable, the inner cover is made of soft silicone material, and the raised textured ball inside is easy to install, clean and use for stimulation. When cleaning this pocket pussy, simply remove the elastic silicone cover and take out the inner pocket cat. After cleaning, place the elastic cover back on the mastubator.

IPX7 Waterproof Masturbator - Funend electric cup masturbator system adopts a new IPX7 waterproof design, all wires and motors are well sealed with waterproof materials, which can be used for men masturbating in the water, which is a new experience. You can enjoy an unprecedented blowjob in the bathroom, swimming pool or even any place with water.

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