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Cock Rings Three Rings Black Harder Longer Bigger S-HANDE

Cock Rings Three Rings Black Harder Longer Bigger S-HANDE

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♡ Three rings can be used in different ways, have more fun

♡ Numerous grooves, stronger stimulation

♡ Prolong ejaculation time, experience the pleasure

♡ Made of medical grade silicone, soft, odorless and easy to clean


Are you still afraid that you won't be able to satisfy your partner's sexual needs? Are you afraid of seeing your girlfriend's disappointed expression after each premature ejaculation? If you have ever had these worries, choose our cock ring! Our cock ring has a unique three-ring design. You can attach it to the testicle, part to the testicle, part to the penis, all three rings on the penis or even to the glans. There are many options and there is always one that suits you. If you wear our cock ring, your sex time will be significantly extended. Your girlfriend screams loudly beneath you. You will regain your male pride. The soft silicone material is safe and hygienic. You can use the cock rings with confidence.


Waterproof: IPX7

Material: medical silicone

Color: Black

Size: 5.8*4.5*3.6cm

Weight: 0.015kg

Package list: 1*cock ring

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