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Pioneer 3-in-1 Masturbation Cup Telescopic Suction Vibration

Pioneer 3-in-1 Masturbation Cup Telescopic Suction Vibration

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🚀 7 stretch + rotation frequency

The stretchable length is up to 4 cm , which is better than the length of other stretchy masturbation cups. At the same time, the left and right directions are mixed and rotated, and the two modes work together, so you can't stop! Arouse your penis's curiosity and enter the mysterious sex paradise with hybrid mode.

🚀 Unprecedented super stretch power

The motor is improved, the performance is improved and the telescopic rotation is stronger. Have you ever used other masturbation cups because the power of the machine is not enough, and when you are about to orgasm, the cup suddenly gets stuck, which is disappointing. With PIONNER you will never encounter similar problems, non-stop, straight to orgasm paradise!

🚀 Channel and particles

The inner liner has large particles, combined with telescopic rotation, all-round stimulation, does not release every corner that you have never cared about from the real vagina, the bottom of the inner liner is 1cm+ , but soft can apply pressure, you can feel it when you're excited. Push it forward hard and finally shoot hard!

🚀 Sexy and beautiful company - vocal mode

Put on the headphones and turn on the beauty moan mode, from the slow pace of foreplay to passion, then reach yours perfect orgasm with the sexy girl . If you don't wear headphones, you can turn on the sound mode and no sound will be output to avoid embarrassment.

🚀 Strong suction cup

PIONNER has a strong suction cup and can be rotated 240°. You can place it on any smooth and hard surface, the bedside table in the bedroom, the bathroom wall or even a mirror and look forward to unlocking more sex positions for you !

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