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Prostate Explorer 8 Shock Modes Vibration Anal Vibrator SHUFEI

Prostate Explorer 8 Shock Modes Vibration Anal Vibrator SHUFEI

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☆External thread design, increase friction, stronger stimulation

☆8 shock modes + vibration, bring you to prostate orgasm

☆Double motor, double stimulation of prostate and testicles

☆Remote control, shock and vibration can be remotely controlled separately.

☆ABS+Silcone covers the whole body, safe and skin-friendly


What kind of feeling is the prostate orgasm, are you curious? When your hole is occupied, the tingling pleasure begins in your backyard and quickly runs through your entire body. Your body gradually becomes sour and soft, and you can contemplate the unprecedented orgasm in the delicate acidity. Would you like to experience this wonderful prostate orgasm? Then our prostate explorer is the perfect choice. The external thread design stimulates every sensitive point in your anus. 8 thrust modes + 8 vibration modes, the combination of infinite possibilities, each thrust reaches your P-spot, each vibration stimulates your nerves in the anus, double stimulation, so you can experience an orgasm in endless pleasure, and then in the aftertaste of the orgasm on the looking forward to the next sex trip.


1.Please fully charge before use

2.Do not use while charging

3.It is recommended to use lubricant during use

4.It can be rinsed directly with water, please do not soak

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