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Realistic Doll Love Doll Plump Breasts 7KG

Realistic Doll Love Doll Plump Breasts 7KG

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Absolute private packaging & quality assurance!

♡S-shaped body, super sexy

♡Experience plump breasts, pink nipples, tit sex

♡Two love tunnels of vagina and anus, allowing many sex positions

♡Round buttocks, great hand feeling

♡Lifelike details, collarbone, belly button, etc.


Looking at her sexy figure ignites the little flame of libido in your heart. Her plump breasts are dotted with pink nipples. Her eyes gradually move from her breasts to her pussy lips. Her delicate pink labia are like a flower bud, quietly waiting for your pleasure. Next to the vagina, a realistic anus is waiting for you to experience the joy of doggy style. The vagina and anus, two love tunnels, are irregularly distributed with knobs and ribs. When your big cock is inserted into this seductive love tunnel, the nubs and ridges give you a strong feeling of friction. Your warm and soft love tunnel brings you the most authentic sex experience. Swim with her in the sea of ​​orgasm!

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